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Guaranteed supply chain efficiency 
for your growing business

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Focus on growing your brand, leave the supply chain to us

Leverage our extensive experience with complex supply chains and get access to our reliable partner network.

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Do you wonder if your
costs are best-in-class?

Don't guess when you can know for sure with our benchmarking.

Are you new to high-stakes negotiations?

Let us empower you with our customized negotiations playbook.

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Do you struggle to get the results you need from your supply partner?

That's guaranteed to change with our personalized Supplier Management Plan.

Do you deal with hidden costs and delivery delays that erode your gross margin?

Our value stream map will solve all these pain points at once.

Cutting unwanted supplier expenses

For growing businesses of any size, in any industry

If you have a supply chain, we have an optimization plan.

supply chain efficiency

  • Speed to market

  • Eliminate stock outs

  • Mitigate risks


  • Best-in-class costs

  • Market expertise

  • Strategic negotiations

strong partnerships

  • Reliable supplier performance

  • Encourage innovation

  • Win-win deals


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Validate your procurement effectiveness and ensure you don't leave money on the table.


About the founder

"I'm Chandhrika Venkataraman, founder of Source Refresh LLC, with over 18 years of experience in global supply chain management. I help small and mid-market businesses improve profitability through tried and tested supply chain improvements.

Through Source Refresh, I offer practical advice, share best practices, and provide strategies for effective sourcing and negotiation. Join me on the Source Refresh Podcast, where I talk with experts about overcoming supply chain challenges. My goal is to help your business thrive by strengthening your supply chain."

Key skills

Direct and indirect spend sourcing


Low cost country sourcing

Supply risk mitigation

Stakeholder & supplier relationship management

Should-cost & target costing models

Total cost of ownership


"I have had the pleasure of working with Chandhrika for the past 10 years. Chandrika’s strategic sourcing, stakeholder and vendor management skills augmented by her business acumen and her passion to win have consistently exceeded stakeholders’ and clients’ expectations . Her involvement and leadership have delivered double digit cost savings and significantly improved 3rd party vendor performance. She is keenly effective at developing sourcing processes for start-ups as well as transforming legacy processes. I owe a great deal of my company’s success to her."

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Gerald Sparkman 
CEO, D.E.Foxx & Associates Inc

Resources and Case Studies

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