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Finally, an affordable way to benchmark your cost of goods sold (COGS)

75% of businesses we surveyed question their

COGS competitiveness.

Remove the guesswork with our solution to validate your cost efficiency based on your scale. 

Supply chain solutions for Startups

Trusted by

The Source Refresh benchmarking solution

We establish your baseline with purchase history and benchmark with our expert network of small business solution providers.

We offer supplier recommendations to improve functionality while reducing costs. 

Sourcing for startups

Do you have access to the right supply base?

Leverage our decades of experience to locate the right supply partner for your needs.

Locating a supply partner
Deal negotiation

Need support in planning that high-stakes negotiation?

You can rely on our bespoke negotiation playbook and our 1:1 coaching to sail through tough conversations.

Do you want to turn around your profitability even without scale? 

We uncover opportunities in every aspect of your supply chain, from Procurement to Manufacturing and Distribution. 
What’s even better? Pay only for the results!

Profit for Startups
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