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Strategic Sourcing Expertise is now within your reach

Unlock supply chain efficiencies worth $1000s! Schedule your free 30-minute consultation for one actionable insight today!

Can strategic sourcing enhance business?

We provide you with a robust sourcing strategy backed by over 50 years’ knowledge and experience.  We can assist you in creating a vision for your sourcing organization as well as the roadmap to get you where you need to be!

Increase Profitability

There is a cost to poor performance hidden in every quality defect and every missed shipment. The right sourcing strategy will redress performance gaps and ensure gains in overall profitability on top of negotiated savings. 

Improve Sourcing Efficiency

In today’s constrained supply chain environment, speed-to-market is important.  That’s where Source Refresh can help.  Moving fast, being efficient, and over-achieving is a part of our DNA, and we can assist you in moving your business plans quickly with a sound sourcing strategy. 

Foster Vendor Relationships

Every supplier has a specific role to play in a well-developed sourcing strategy. Understanding these roles and managing suppliers accordingly will ensure win-win partnerships which is the key to long-term relationships.    


Cost optimization

3D Geometric Shapes

Vendor selection


Vendor negotiation

Puppet Strings

Vendor relationship management

Magnetic Compass

Vendor performance measurement


RFX Support



Keeping accounts

Supply Chain Transaction Management

Data-driven strategy: Our key differentiator

Lean Six-Sigma’s DMAIC approach meets the 5-Step Strategic Sourcing Process to deliver collaborative sourcing strategies.

Get a proven industry expert at a fraction of the cost

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Sharing is caring. I am motivated to make a positive difference to Small and Medium Enterprises, Minority Businesses and Non-profits by sharing my expertise in Sourcing/Procurement built through 15 years of international experience.


At Source Refresh, I craft and deploy sourcing strategies to deliver all-round improvement in business-critical procurement KPIs.

Key Skills:

  • Direct and Indirect spend sourcing

  • Negotiation

  • Low cost country sourcing

  • Stakeholder & Supplier Relationship Management

  • Should-Cost & Target Costing Models

  • Total Cost of Ownership

  • Supply Risk Mitigation

Meet Chandhrika Venkataraman

I have had the pleasure of working with Chandhrika for the past 10 years. Chandrika’s strategic sourcing, stakeholder and vendor management skills augmented by her business acumen and her passion to win have consistently exceeded stakeholders’ and clients’ expectations . Her involvement and leadership have delivered double digit cost savings and significantly improved 3rd party vendor performance. She is keenly effective at developing sourcing processes for start-ups as well as transforming legacy processes. I owe a great deal of my company’s success to her

Gerald Sparkman, CEO D.E.Foxx & Associates Inc

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Optimizing cost and quality is a long journey,

and long journeys start with a small step

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